Kingdom Builders: A Journey of Faith

God's Amazing Deeds

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Year 2009 began with us not knowing whether the building expansion project was ever going to move forward, and that made us get on our knees. But the year ended with us praising God for his amazing grace. As we turned our hearts towards God, learning to trust in Him and rely on Him, while working together on the building expansion project, we were also brought closer together in unity. We started 2010 excited and cautiously hopeful that the building expansion project was moving forward and construction will start soon. We continued to pray and waited upon God. God not only gave us the ability but also the desire to give to the building fund. We raised enough money to start construction.

A joyous Ground Breaking Ceremony was held on October 10, 2010. And construction began on 15 November 2010. As we reflect back on all that has happened, we are reminded of God's grace and faithfulness. And as we think about the completion of the building expansion project in June 2011, we look forward with gratitude and anticipation to the amazing and exciting new ministries God has in store for CGC.

It is indeed a great privilege that we can have a part in this building expansion. It is one of the amazing things God is doing in the history of CGC. God has done many amazing things in the history of CGC. He will continue to do so as we prayerfully and humbly follow him in unity, and put our faith into action.

UPDATE: The building project was completed and New Sanctuary Dedication Service was held on October 30, 2011.

-Building Committee

Updated Floor Plan

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