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Current sermons:

6/26/2016Pastor BenWorship God in Prayer1 Timothy 2:1-7.pptx.mp3
6/19/2016Pastor BenFollow the Grace of Our Lord1 Timothy 1:12-20.pptx.mp3
6/12/2016Pastor BenDeveloping Godly Leaders - Introduction1 Timothy 1:1-11.pptx.mp3
6/5/2016Pastor DatBehind the Curtain
Daniel 10.ppt.mp3
5/22/2016Pastor MattLooking to JesusHebrews 12:1-3.mp3
5/15/2016Pastor BenFaith Under Pressure - Daniel's PrayerDaniel 9:16-19.pptx.mp3
5/8/2016Pastor BenDaniel and the Lion's DenDaniel 6:16-28.pptx.mp3
5/1/2016Pastor BenFeed My Sheep!
John 21:15-17.ppt.mp3
4/24/2016Pastor BenFaith Under Pressure - Daniel Living a Life of Prayer
Daniel 6:1-16.pptx.mp3
4/17/2016Pastor BenGod Teaches the King
Daniel 5:17-28.pptx.mp3
4/10/2016Pastor BenGod Humbles the Proud
Daniel 4:28-37.pptx.mp3
4/3/2016Pastor DatEven if He does not
Daniel 3.ppt.mp3
3/27/2016Pastor BenChrist the Risen King!Matthew 28:1-10,18-20.ppt.mp3
3/20/2016Pastor BenNo Kingdom but God's Kingdom Will Last ForeverDaniel 2:31-49.pptx.mp3
3/13/2016Pastor BenTrusting God to Reveal the Deep and Hidden Things
Daniel 2:17-30.pptx.mp3
3/6/2016Pastor JingcaiCreate in Me a Clean Heart, O GodPsalm 51
2/28/2016Pastor BenFaith Under Pressure - Taking a Step of FaithDaniel 2:1-16.pptx.mp3
2/21/2016Pastor BenFaith Under Pressure - Living with IntegrityDaniel 1:8-21.pptx.mp3
2/14/2016Pastor BenThe Essence of Love1 Cor. 13.mp3
2/7/2016Pastor DatAre you Daniel?
Daniel 1:1-8.ppt.mp3
1/31/2016Pastor BenTogether in UnityEphesians 4:15-16, Romans 12:3-8
1/24/2016Pastor BenSpeaking the Truth in LoveEph.4:14, 25-32.pptx.mp3
1/17/2016Pastor BenGrounded in ChristEph.4:14, 3:14-19.pptx.mp3
1/10/2016Pastor BenBuilding up The Body of ChristEph.4:11-13.pptx.mp3
1/3/2016Pastor BenMake Your Mark!
Matthew 25:14-30.ppt.mp3
12/27/2015Pastor JingcaiMy Lord and My God!John 20:24-29.mp3
12/20/2015Pastor DatLaying Our Gifts to Honor Our KingMatt. 2:9-12.ppt.mp3
12/13/2015Pastor BenResponding to the Coming KingMatt. 2:1-8.pptx.mp3
12/6/2015Pastor DatIn that dayIsa. 11:1-10.ppt.mp3
11/29/2015Pastor BenGive Thanks1 The. 5:16-18.pptx.mp3
11/22/2015Pastor BenLiving with Jesus - Goodwill, not Ill WillEphesians 4:29-5:2.pptx.mp3
11/15/2015Pastor BenLiving with Jesus - Be Useful, not UselessEphesians 4:25-29.pptx.mp3
11/8/2015Pastor BenLiving with Jesus - Out with the Old, In with the NewEphesians 4:17-24.pptx.mp3
11/1/2015Pastor BenWalk the Talk!
Matthew 7:24-29.ppt.mp3
10/25/2015Pastor BenLiving Water Flows from the Throne of GodRev. 22:1-5.pptx.mp3
10/18/2015Pastor BenLiving Water Stirred by the Holy SpiritJohn 7:37-39.pptx.mp3
10/11/2015Pastor Ed PollaschCome, Follow mw ...Exo.3:7-8,10
10/4/2015Pastor DatHealed People Heal PeopleLuke 8:1-3.ppt.mp3
9/27/2015Pastor BenLiving Water Heals the BrokenJohn 4:7-26.pptx.mp3
9/20/2015Pastor BenLiving Water Brings Good NewsProverbs 25:25-26.pptx.mp3
9/13/2015Pastor BenLiving Water Your Soul Longs ForPsalm 42:1-11.pptx.mp3
9/6/2015Pastor BenLiving Water Neededin Our Lives
Jeremiah 2:13.ppt.mp3
8/30/2015Pastor BenThe Throne of God C Conclusion of the 7 churches in RevelationRevelation 4:1-11.pptx.mp3
8/23/2015Pastor BenThe Lukewarm Church - The church at LaodiceaRevelation 3:14-22.pptx.mp3
8/16/2015Pastor BenStanding Firm with Jesus - the Church in PhiladelphiaRevelation 3:7-13.pptx.mp3
8/9/2015Elder Keith CheungSuffering - The Intimacy FactorPhil. 3:1-11.pptx.mp3
8/2/2015Pastor DatSettle for second best?Num. 32.ppt.mp3
7/26/2015Pastor BenThe Church that is Asleep - the Church in SardisRevelation 3:1-6.pptx.mp3
7/19/2015Pastor BenThe Church of Tolerance - church in ThyatiraRevelation 2:18-29.pptx.mp3
7/12/2015Pastor BenThe Compromising Church - To the Church in PergamumRevelation 2:12-17.pptx.mp3
7/5/2015Pastor JingcaiForgivenessMatthew 18:21-35.mp3
6/28/2015Pastor BenA Call to be Faithful - The church at SmyrnaRevelation 2:8-11.pptx.mp3
6/21/2015Pastor Ben

Coming Back to Your First Love: The Church at Ephesus

Revelation 2:1-7.pptx.mp3
6/14/2015Pastor BenLampstands bearing the Light of ChristRevelation 1:4-20.pptx.mp3
6/7/2015Elder Stephen YimThe Bride of Christ1 Cor.  1:1-2.pptx.mp3
5/31/2015Pastor BenThe Glory of the LORDIsaiah 2:1-5.pptx.mp3
5/24/2015Pastor Jon Ido WardenGrace makes us whole--.pptx.mp3
5/17/2015Pastor BenBeing Citizens of HeavenPhilippians 3:17-21.pptx.mp3
5/10/2015Pastor BenMan in the MirrorJames 1:23-25.pptx.mp3
5/3/2015Pastor BenThe Great Commission not the Great SuggestionMatthew 28:18-20.pptx.mp3
4/26/2015Pastor BenThe Precious PearlMatthew 13:45-46.pptx.mp3
4/19/2015Pastor BenJoy Beyond the CrossHebrews 12:1-3.pptx.mp3
4/12/2015Pastor BenToo in Love with Money1 Timothy 6:6-19.pptx.mp3
4/5/2015Pastor DatIf Christ has not been raised1 Cor.  15:17-19, 54-58.ppt.mp3
3/29/2015Matthew TrexlerThe Return of the KingLuke 19:28-40.mp3
3/22/2015Justin DerToo Afraid to be GenerousLuke 12:13-24.pptx.mp3
3/15/2015Pastor BenToo Focused on RelationshipsLuke 14:25-27.pptx.mp3
3/8/2015Pastor JingcaiCome to Jesus!Mark 2:1-12
2/22/2015Pastor BenToo worried to be who God intends for you to be1 Cor. 6:20; Psalm 139:13-14.pptx.mp3
2/15/2015Pastor BenToo Busy for GodMatthew 6:33.pptx.mp3
2/8/2015Pastor BenTurning Weakness into Strength2 Cor. 4:7-12, 12:9-10.pptx.mp3
2/1/2015Pastor BenLiving in Light of Eternity - God is Our JoyJohn 15:9-11.pptx.mp3
1/25/2015Pastor BenHeaven is our Home2 Corinthians 5:1-10.pptx.mp3
1/18/2015Pastor BenGod is in ChargeActs 17:24-28.pptx.mp3
1/11/2015Pastor BenLiving in Light of Eternity2 Corinthians 4:16-18.pptx.mp3
1/4/2015Pastor DatLiving for EternityHebrews 11:24-27.ppt.mp3
12/28/2014Pastor BenFinding Rest for Your SoulMatthew 11:28-30.pptx.mp3
12/21/2014Pastor BenCome Let Us Adore Him Christ our KingMat.2:2; Isa.60:3.ppt.mp3
12/14/2014Pastor BenSeasoned with SaltColossians 4:2-6.pptx.mp3
12/7/2014Pastor DatChrist-Centered RelationshipsColossians 3:18-4:1.ppt.mp3
11/30/2014Pastor BenA New WardrobeColossians 3:5-17.pptx.mp3
11/23/2014Pastor William HsuehChurch - Who Needs Her?Hebrews 12:22-24.ppt.mp3
11/16/2014Matt TrexlerSeek the Things That Are AboveColossians 2:20-3:4
11/09/2014Pastor BenThe Testimony of Suffering for the CauseColossians 1:24-29, 2:6-7.pptx.mp3
11/2/2014Pastor BenReconciliation Through the CrossColossians 1:15-23.ppt.mp3
10/26/2014Pastor BenLiving Life Pleasing to GodColossians 1:9-14.pptx.mp3
10/19/2014Pastor BenThe Word of Truth - The GospelColossians 1:1-8.pptx.mp3
10/12/2014Pastor BenLiving for the CausePhilippians 1:18b-30.pptxnot be  recorded
10/05/2014David CarrollJesus's Heart for ChildrenMark 9:33-37.mp3
9/28/2014Pastor BenMultiply His BlessingsGen. 12:2-3; 1 Cor. 3:6-7.pptx.mp3
9/21/2014Pastor BenBeing Instrumentsof BlessingsCol. 4:2-3; 2 Cor. 9:7-8; Rom. 10:11-15.pptx.mp3
9/14/2014Pastor BenGod's Mandate to UsPsalms 67.pptx.mp3
9/7/2014Pastor DatA Time Such As This.Esther 4:7-14.ppt.mp3
8/31/2014Pastor BenWhen to Proclaim the Gospel?Luke 12:35-40.pptx.mp3
8/24/2014Pastor BenHow to share the truth with them?Luke 14:25-33.pptx.mp3
8/17/2014Pastor BenHow to build trust with them?Luke 19:1-10.pptx.mp3
8/10/2014Pastor BenInvite Them to the Great BanquetLuke 14:12-24.pptx.mp3
8/3/2014Pastor BenWho is Your Neighbor?Luke 10:25-37.pptx.mp3
7/27/2014Pastor BenCourage to Follow ThroughNehemiah 13.pptx.mp3
7/20/2014Matt TrexlerThe Other BrotherLuke 15:1-7, 25-32
7/13/2014Pastor BenGod brings revivalNehemiah 8-9.pptx.mp3
7/6/2014Pastor DatGod's Plan for His Peple: Unity and LoveNehemiah 5.ppt.mp3
6/29/2014Pastor DatDiligence and VigilanceNehemiah 4:6-13.pptx.mp3
6/22/2014Pastor BenGod uses all His people to do His workNehemiah 3.pptx.mp3
6/15/2014Pastor BenFamily MattersEph. 5:25-33, 6:1-4
6/8/2014Pastor BenGod's Plan for His PeopleNehemiah 2:1-9.pptx.mp3
6/1/2014Pastor BenUnity and mobilization through prayer, courage, and determinationNeh. 1:1-4, 10-11.pptx.mp3
5/25/2014Dr. SmartWhen God saves the lost in spite of us.Jonah 3.mp3
5/18/2014Justin DerTell What God Has Done!Psalm 78:1-16.ppt.mp3
5/11/2014Pastor BenRest in the LordGenesis 2:1-3.ppt.mp3
5/4/2014Pastor DatCall this a Day of Delight!Isaiah: 58:13-14.ppt.mp3
4/27/2014Pastor BenChoosing to love not hatePhilemon 1:8-20.ppt.mp3
4/20/2014Pastor DatRemember the resurrected Christ 2 Tim. 2:8-13.ppt.mp3
4/13/2014Pastor BenBy the Spirit not our fleshGal. 5:16-26.ppt.mp3
4/6/2014Pastor BenBearing one another's burdensGal. 6:1-5.ppt.mp3
3/30/2014Pastor BenGrace and ForgivenessGal. 4:1-7.ppt.mp3
3/23/2014Pastor BenFaith not worksGal. 3:1-6.ppt.mp3
3/16/2014Pastor BenFree from legalismGal. 2:14-21.ppt.mp3
3/9/2014Pastor DatLive out the true gospel Gal. 1; Eph. 2:4-10.ppt
2/23/2014Pastor BenDiscipleship: Total HumblenessMark 9:33-50.pptx.mp3
2/16/2014Pastor BenDiscipleship: Total SelflessnessMark 6:6-13.pptx.mp3
2/9/2014Pastor BenDiscipleship: Total TransformationMark 5:1-20.pptx.mp3
2/2/2014Pastor BenDiscipleship: Total Trust Mark 4:35-41.pptx.mp3
1/26/2014Pastor BenDiscipleship: Total Acceptance of the WordMark 4:1-20.pptx .mp3
1/19/2014Pastor BenDiscipleship: Total CommitmentMark 1:16-20, 3:13-19.pptx.mp3
1/12/2014 Pastor Dat You gave them something to eat! Mat. 14:14-21 .ppt .mp3

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